Steve @CommsBreakdownAre you looking for an experienced writer to work on your marketing copy, digital campaigns or website content? Then look no further.

Whether you’re after a blog, a marketing guide, new web content or text for your social media campaign, I can turn around engaging, concise copy that meets the needs of your business.

I’ve written for a variety of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as larger corporate organisations.

I specialise in content relating to technology, software, the cloud and small business accounting and finance.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the recent writing work and content projects that I’ve worked on.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can drop me an email here or you can tweet me @CommsBreakdown.

GoCardless – Freelance Writer

I’ve worked with GoCardless to write a number of guides and articles to promote their Direct Debit solution. These online pieces have focused on underlining the benefits of choosing Direct Debit as a payment solution, both for businesses and for consumers.

10 important questions to ask your Direct Debit provider

Get paid on time, every time, with GoCardless

AccountingWEB – Freelance Writer

Working in partnership with AccountingWEB and KashFlow online accounting software, I’ve written a series of guides for accountants on how to offer better business advice to their small business clients.

KashFlow Go-to Adviser guide to auto enrolment

KashFlow Go-to Adviser guide to cash flow

Axonix – Freelance Writer

I’ve written a variety of marketing materials for Axonix, the mobile data specialists and mobile media company. This included the content and layout for a marketing brochure to promote their Axonix Media Services arm at a recent international mobile conference.

Axonix Media Services: Getting your ads seen by the right eyes

Receipt Bank – Freelance Writer

I’ve worked with Receipt Bank on a series of guides promoting their data management solutions. These guides focus on my expertise in Xero accounting software, cloud accounting and the specific challenges of making bookkeeping profitable for accountants.

Making bookkeeping pay: Part 1 – Bookkeeping in the cloud

Making bookkeeping pay: Part 2 – Championing the cloud for your practice

Making bookkeeping pay: Part 3 – Bookkeeping to business advice

AccountingWEB – Freelance Writer

I’ve worked with AccountingWEB to produce a number of long-form guides aimed at their accountant audience. These guides focus on my expertise in cloud software, cloud accounting and business advice for accountants and their small business clients.

Auto enrolment: Part 1 – Your roles and responsibilities as an accountant

Auto enrolment: Part 2 – Threats, opportunities and your next steps as an accountant

Becoming a valued business adviser – the opportunity

Xero Accounting Software – Marketing Communications Writer

As the writer in Xero’s Marketing team, I worked across a number of campaigns aimed at both accounting professionals and small business owners. I provided content for direct B2B and B2C emails, copy for marketing campaigns, copy for adverts, content for social media campaigns and wrote blogs, articles and thought leadership pieces for third-party websites and hard-copy magazines.

Xero case study interviews with accountants

SRK Accounting: Interview with founder, Simon Kallu

Cornish Accounting Solutions: Interview with MD, Paul Miller

Inform Accounting: Interview with founder, Sian Kelly

Armstrong Watson: Interview with partner, Grant Smith

New Business magazine – Xero Partnership

Toothpick app case study

Business Zone – Sift Media/Xero Partnership

What’s it really like selling overseas?

10 reasons why you need an accountant for your business

PwC LLP (PricewaterhouseCoopers) – Editor, Tax Marketing

As the Editor in PwC’s Tax Marketing team, I worked with a number of different departments within the wider Tax line of service, including senior partners and stakeholders, to create content that promoted PwC’s tax services.

I wrote articles, blogs, newsletters and carried out interviews with senior business figures, including the Chairman of JCB, the COO of Mind Candy, the CEO of Shazam and the founder of Ella’s Kitchen.

I also interviewed the casts of productions at The Old Vic theatre as part of PwC’s sponsorship of the theatre, including interviewing Sheridan Smith in her lead role as Hedda Gabler.

PwC Private Business blog

JCB: Interview with JCB chairman, Sir Anthony Bamford

Mind Candy: Interview with COO, Divinia Knowles

Ella’s Kitchen: Part 1 of interview with founder, Paul Lindley

Ella’s Kitchen: Part 2 of interview with founder, Paul Lindley

Shazam: Interview with CEO, Andrew Fisher

PwC Old Vic sponsorship

Overview of the ‘Under 25s’ sponsorship campaign

Hedda Gabler: Interview with Sheridan Smith

Kiss Me, Kate: Interview with Hannah Waddingham and Alex Bourne

The Winslow Boy: Interview with Henry Goodman and Nick Hendrix

Much Ado About Nothing: Interview with Lloyd Everitt and Beth Cooke

Freelance theatre reviews

In my spare time, I’ve also reviewed amateur theatre productions for the Herts Mercury, my local paper, and amdram.co.uk

Hayfever: Review of Hoddesdon Players’ production of Noel Coward’s play

Wife After Death: Review of Hoddesdon Players’ productions of Eric Chappell’s play

The Small Hours: Review of Hoddesdon Players’ production of Francis Durbridge’s play

CommsBreakdown personal blog

In my spare time, I write for my own personal blog. These are mostly opinion pieces and topical blogs on a variety of different topics.

You can read my blog posts here



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